Mosaic Palette 3 Pro Multi-Material 3D Printing
Mosaic Palette 3 Pro Multi-Material 3D Printing
Mosaic Palette 3 Pro Multi-Material 3D Printing
Mosaic Palette 3 Pro Multi-Material 3D Printing
Mosaic Palette 3 Pro Multi-Material 3D Printing
Mosaic Palette 3 Pro Multi-Material 3D Printing
Mosaic Palette 3 Pro Multi-Material 3D Printing
Mosaic Palette 3 Pro Multi-Material 3D Printing

Mosaic Palette 3 Pro Multi-Material 3D Printing

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    Mosaic Palette 3 Pro Multi-Material 3D Printing


    Multiple colours, infinite potential

    Communicate your ideas with realistic, multi-colour prints. Palette 3 Pro enables you to achieve prints with up to 8 different colours.

    Multi‑Material 3D Printing

    Achieve high-quality, functional prints by combining flexible and rigid materials. Or, simplify prints with challenging overhangs using breakaway or soluble support.

    3rd Generation Splice Core Pro

    Engineered to strategically splice filaments, our Splice Core Pro allows your Palette 3 Pro to reach up to 10% faster splicing and cooling speeds.

    Automate your filament

    If a spool runs out, Palette will automatically splice to another spool and keep your print going. With 8 spools available your prints will always continue to run.

    A modern 3D printing experience

    To create a more seamless experience, Palette 3 Pro comes with built-in WiFi connectivity to connect your Palette, your printer and your computer.

    Customize, Store and Slice

    Experience a simple, powerful software suite. With our easy-to-use Canvas software you can slice, paint, stamp, and manage all your prints in the cloud.

    Reliable, Plug and Play Material

    While Palette 3 will work with most 1.75mm 3rd party filaments, Mosaic's tight tolerance PLA ensures the most reliable printing experience for your Palette 3 and printer.


    Spec Sheet


    PALETTE 3 PRO: Most Flexible Palette yet with Industry Leading 8 Material Inputs

    Take your Palette 3 experience to new heights with additional features and functionalities 

    For high-demand printers and workhorse makers, we offer the Palette 3 Pro.

    Palette 3 Pro includes:

    • All aluminum Splice Core Pro allows for up to 10% faster splicing and cooling, improving the overall print time
    • Multi-material material input allows for more intricate prints and provides automated filament management 
    • Palette 3 comes with an industry leading, 8 input capabilities, giving users the most flexibility when choosing colours as well as materials to run their prints
    • Automated Filament management allows you to have back up spools in order to run longer & bigger prints without worrying about running out of filament or replacing an empty spool mid-print
    • Redesigned and upgraded limit switches that have been tested to last up to 3 million cycles
    • Additional parts to ensure optimal performance and maintenance
    • Sleek all-black casing for a neat and professional look
    • Includes many spare parts and 2-year warranty

    Multi-Material, Multi-Colour     


    Multiple Colours - Multiple Materials - Infinite Potential 

    Palette 3 Pro gives you the opportunity to achieve more aesthetic and realistic prints with the option to use up to 8 different colours and materials all in one print. Customize your prints in any way you want with the most flexible Palette yet! Achieve high-quality, functional prints by combining flexible and rigid materials, or simplify prints with challenging overhangs using breakaway or soluble support. 

    • Utilize the Random/Gradient mode on Palette 3 Pro to unlock more diverse prints 
    • Stamping: Coupled with Mosaic’s slicer software, Canvas, users are able to ‘stamp’ any logo, text, picture, etc right onto the model with ease. This feature allows users to make their prints more personalized and with great detail due to the 8 material/colour print capabilities.


    Automated Run Out Detection 

    The ability to use 8 different inputs allows users to not only print customized and realistic prints, but it also provides run-out detection capabilities. For bigger and longer prints, utilize any extra inputs as back up spools to avoid running out of filament or having to replace a spool mid-print. Run-out detection becomes even more important because you can load up to 8 filaments and make sure that your longer prints continue running and/or that you’re able to finish all of your spools and create less waste.


    1. Inputs -  Palette 3 Pro comes with 8 inputs to provide you with flexibility to use 8 different colours and/or materials for your prints.
    2. Drives - Palette 3 Pro’s all-metal drive systems, inspired by those on industrial FDM machines, accurately control filament to ensure the right lengths are driven from each input.
    3. Cut - A rotary cutter system slices filament to ensure a clean, low-resistance cut, time after time
    4. Splice Core - Palette 3 Pro’s updated and optimized Splice Core splices filaments together in an improved and efficient manner, with an additional fan to cool down the filament as it exits the splice core, speeding up the process drastically.
    5. Limit Switches - Newly designed limit switches made of hardened steel monitor filament throughout the device.
    6. Enclosed Buffer - The newly spliced filament is passed to the updated, enclosed buffer system to cool and ensure that it keeps tight dimensions before being passed to your printer.
    7. Screen - Higher resolution screen, with increased controls and settings allows you to customize your prints directly from the Palette 3 Pro screen.


    Redefined Splice Core

    Palette 3 Pro’s improved splicing mechanism provides faster and more reliable splices. 

    We’ve fine-tuned the algorithms to optimize the splice core tubes as well as increase splicing speed without any compromises in reliability and durability. This has been achieved by optimizing the inside of the splice core tubes to substantially reduce the chance of filament jamming inside the splice core. In addition, we’ve upgraded the cooling capabilities by incorporating an additional fan in order to cool filament as it exits the splice, increasing splicing efficiency, making Palette 3 Pro is 20% faster than Palette 2S and 10% faster than the Palette 3.


    Integrated Canvas Hub

    Palette 3 Pro is also equipped with a built-in Canvas Hub to create a simple and seamless printing process. 

    Palette 3 Pro’s integrated Canvas Hub means you no longer need to purchase or set up an additional piece of hardware in order to connect all your devices. The built-in hub allows you to enjoy a much faster and easier printing experience all within one device. You will now be able to access prints through Palette’s touch screen directly and start your print within seconds. It is powerful enough to run connected Palette prints all while remotely monitoring from Canvas, even when you’re not on the same network.


    Redesigned Limit Switches

    Newly designed and upgraded limit switches tested to last and overcome wear and tear. 

    Palette 3 Pro is upgraded to include custom designed switches with updated materials and mechanisms made out of hardened steel in order to improve its lifespan. The design is compact, allowing for more room to incorporate improved filament monitoring and tracking throughout the device. The multi-purpose design is perfect for run-out detection because it can trigger in either direction and withstand friction from filament movement.


    Larger, Higher Resolution Touchscreen Front Interface 

    New features on a bigger, higher resolution screen enables an easy to use and efficient printing process. Updated screen features allow for more customizations and commands on the Palette screen itself. Start and stop your prints, and add gradients or special commands straight from the Palette 3 Pro screen.


      8 Input Multi-colour, Multi-material Capabilities

     Unlock unlimited opportunities with the freedom of 8 inputs. Combine up to 8 different colours for all of your more complex prints or use the stamping feature to personalize your prints with a company logo or even a picture. Combine different materials or use the additional inputs for backup spools in order to run your longer, bigger prints seamlessly.


    Palette 3 Pro also comes with a 24 month (or 50,000 splices) warranty along with spare parts.



    Palette 3 and Palette 3 Pro are compatible with many 3D printers, materials and slicer software on the market today. Follow the links below to find out if Palette 3/3 Pro is compatible with your set up!

    What others are making with Palette 3 and Palette 3 Pro? shows customers’ Palette prints.

    Showing that other people are using Palette shows that people are using Palette.

    Embed the Twitter feed onto your Palette 3 product page by inserting this code into the page’s HTML.

    You can adjust the width and height of the Twitter feed by changing the "600" and "800" numbers.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Does Palette 3 work with 2.85mm or 3mm filament?

    A: Palette 3 as well as Palette 3 Pro only work with 1.75mm filament. Printers can however be modified to print 1.75mm and Adaptors are available for purchase - contact us for more info.


    Q: Is Palette 3/3 Pro able to take 3rd party materials?

    A: Yes, Palette 3 will work with most 1.75mm 3rd party filaments, however Mosaic PLA ensures the most reliable printing experience for your Palette 3/3 Pro and printer. With our incredibly tight tolerances of +0.01mm/-0.03mm and upgrade spool attachment, you can maximize your Palette's life and reduce your filament waste

    Q: How many colours/ materials is P3 and P3P able to handle?

    A: Palette 3 has the ability to use up to 4 different colours as well as materials whereas Palette 3 Pro can take up to 8 inputs.

    Q: What materials does Palette 3 work with? Can P3/P3P handle the same materials?

    A: Palette 3/ 3 Pro supports several combinations of materials. A full list can be found on the Palette 3 multi-material printing guide at P3 and P3P can handle the same materials, P3P will do so 10% faster which becomes more important with materials that need more heat like PETG. Also P3P can hold 8 materials meaning you can have a back up of all 4 materials OR up to 8 materials in one print.

    Q: Any software requirements?

    A: Mosaic CANVAS software (free at or Chroma software (free software that accepts G-code and tells Palette 3 how much of each filament is required) works on Windows (7, 8, 10 or higher, 32-bit and 64-bit), macOS (Mountain Lion/10.8 or newer), and Linux (x64, tested on Ubuntu 16.04).



    Recommended for Professionals, Businesses, Hobbyists
    Number of Inputs 8
    Filament Compatibility
    1.75 ±0.03mm
    Store hardnerss of 95A o harder
    Splicing Technology 3rd generation Splice Core PRO (P3-SCP)
    Splicing Speed Up to 10% faster than Palette 3, 35% faster than Palette 2
    Filament Runout Detection Yes
    Built-in Canvas Hub Functionality Yes
    Software Compatibility Canvas
    Browser Compatibility Chrome, Firefox, Safar
    Internet Connection Required for Canvas usage and firmware updates
    Control Interface 4” Touch Screen
    Canvas (via Web browser)
    Data Interface Canvas (via WiFi / Ethernet)
    IO Ports USB-A (2x)
    USB-B (1x)
    Ethernet (1x)
    WiFi Yes (2.4Ghz, 802. 11 b/g/n)
    Controllers ARM Cortex M4 Processor & Computrer M4 Processor & Compute Module:
    -Quad-core 1.4GHz ARM Cortex-A53 Processor
    -8GB eMMC Flash Memory
    Power 12V / 4A
    Product Dimensions (cm) 30.9 x 23.5 x 7.4 cm
    Product Weight (kg) 3.2 kg
    Warranty 24 months or 50,000 splices
    UPC Code 850226000847


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    vernon cook
    Awesome machine

    The palette 3pro does exactly what mosaic boast I love this machine makes my life easier no more guessing as to when to switch filament and had fantastic prints and it works with almost any fem and diy printers

    CR10 Max and CR30 user

    I ordered the Palette 3 pro. It was on back order because of covid-19. They updated me on the order as they knew information. They sent me the tracking number. Best of all, they gave me a 5% discount. Shipping was free. It was directly shipped from Mosaic. I would buy from them again for sure.