Snapmaker 2.0 CAN Hub

Snapmaker 2.0 CAN Hub

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    Snapmaker 2.0 CAN Hub

    Overall Features:
    · 4-in-1 docking station with 1 port in and 4 ports out
    · Connect multiple 4-pin addons neatly with a single cable
    · Plug-and-play, for your ease of use
    · Exceptional durability with aluminum alloy body
    · Simple and graceful design

    One-year warranty included.

    Connect All Your Addons With a CAN Hub

    The CAN Hub is a 4-in-1 docking station designed to extend the 4-pin ports of Snapmaker 2.0 product series to allow the connection of Enclosure, Air Purifier, Emergency Stop Button and other upcoming addons. Peripheral devices attached to CAN Hub can connect neatly via a single cable to the Add-on 3 port on the Controller, allowing effortless charging and data transfer.

    Aluminum Alloy
    Extremely Durable
    Ultra Compact
    Sleek Design
    Simple and Graceful


    With one port in and four ports out, the CAN Hub comes in handy when you want to connect multiple addons to the Snapmaker 2.0 product series at the same time. You can also daisy chain CAN Hubs to integrate more addons into your Snapmaker 2.0 system.

    Ease of use

    The CAN Hub can be easily installed on the Snapmaker 2.0 3-in-1 3D Printers or the Enclosures and is basically plug-and-play. Moreover, its five identical ports can function as either input or output ports as you need.


    Snapmaker 2.0

    High performance

    Snapmaker’s CAN Hub is tailormade for connecting multiple Snapmaker 2.0 addons to Snapmaker 2.0 product series. It not only features high compatibility, but also guarantees stable connection and reliable data transfer.


    Electrostatic discharge immunity, low heat generation, and anti-reverse connection protection, the CAN Hub can provide you with the safest user experience.


    Dimension (W × D × H)

    136 mm × 51 mm × 26 mm

    Connector Type

    4 Pin

    Number of Output Ports


    Cable Length

    2 m

    Net Weight

    0.16 kg

    Package Weight

    0.70 kg

    In the Box

    CAN Hub × 1

    Quick Start Guide × 1

    Sliding Nut × 4

    Cable Clip × 6

    Cable × 1

    Conversion Plate × 2

    M4 x 10 Hex Socket Head Screw × 4

    M4 x 27 Hex Socket Head Screw × 4


    1. This product is compatible with the 4-pin addons of the Snapmaker 2.0 series.
    2. This product can be connected to only the Add-on 3 port on the Controller or the 4-pin ports on the Enclosure Converter. Do not connect the CAN Hub to the Heated Bed port on the Controller.
    3. When installing this product on the Enclosure, ensure the ports face upward so that the cables does not get in the way when you open the side folding door.

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