Socal Safe Kaba Mas Electronic Locks 552
Socal Safe Kaba Mas Electronic Locks 552

Socal Safe Kaba Mas Electronic Locks 552

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    Socal Safe Kaba Mas Electronic Locks 552

    Kaba Mas Electronic Locks

    The Auditcon family of electronic locks was developed to address the security requirements of a broad range of retail, commercial and industrial markets. Utilizing the award-winning PowerStar™ technology, the Auditcon's security cannot be compromised by outside manipulation and provides unprecedented audit capability, making it an effective deterrent to internal theft.

    Auditcon 2 Series

    Auditcon 2 Series locks are the new standard in safe lock security. With improved serviceability, faster power-up, and uploadable programming, the Auditcon 2 Series locks will make securing your valuables easier than ever.

    Model 552 Features

    99 users/400 record audit • 8-digit access combination • Faster power-up • Replaces mechanical Group I & Group II locks • Wrong try lockout • Dead bolt & slide bolt available UL listed, Type I high security electronic locks • DNV, VdS Class 2, CE and EN 1300 Class B certification

    Numerical Keypad: Quick Entry.

    Easy Retrofit: The lock has the same footprint as most mechanical locks making it easy to install.

    Users: Up to 99 users.

    8-Digit Access Combination: Users have an 8-digit combination which includes a 2-digit user ID and a 6-digit user selected PIN.

    Audit Trail: Number of entries/activities is 400 records in sequential order.

    Battery Assist: Lock LEDs will continually flash throughout the duration of a Time Delay or Open Window period. Also provides additional power for lengthy operations.

    Available PC Software: Print, display or file the lock audit reports using a program which runs under Microsoft Windows® Software.

    • Program Lock Setup Options
    • Upload Lock Time/Date
    • Add/Delete Users
    • Upload Time Windows
    • Audit Download Reports
    • User Table Download Reports

    Supervisor/Subordinate Mode: Allows access by a subordinate only after being enabled by a supervisory combination. Once enabled, a subordinate user has access to the lock during any valid opening time.

    Additional Security Features Dual Custody: Two-Person Integrity, which requires two users to open the lock

    Time Delay: Programmable 1-99 minutes before access is allowed. NOTE: Remote Time Delay Display Unit (p/n 307025) can be purchased separately. Please refer to the Kaba Mas List Price Book for options.

     (Optional) Activates the lock’s duress condition, sending a silent alarm, when combined with a connection to an existing alarm system.

    Time & Date Stamp on Audit

    Timed Lockout: Enables certain users to disable lock access for a period of 1–255 hours. Once Timed Lockout begins, the lock will not accept any commands.

    Time Windows: Allows Master User to define time windows for access to the lock. Note: Battery Assist is recommended when implementing this feature manually at the lock.

    Time Window Lockout: Enables certain users to disable lock access for the current open time window. Lock entry remains disabled until the time of the next open time window as defined by the Time Windows function.

    Set Holidays: Enables the Master User to define up to 20 annual holidays in the lock. Note: This feature requires Battery Assist.

    Features and Benefits

    Auditcon 2 Series locks are the new standard in safe lock security. With improved serviceability, faster power-up, and uploadable programming, the Auditcon 2 Series locks will make securing your valuables easier than ever.

    • Improved Self-Powered Technology Auditcon 2 Series locks utilize a faster version of our PowerStar technology. This technology eliminates lockouts due to dead batteries or facility power failures.
    • Battery Assist The Battery Assist option uses a 9-volt alkaline battery to supply power during Time Delay or Open Window operations. The Battery Assist feature also provides additional power for lengthy lock operations.
    • Uploadable Programming Certain data can be defined at the PC using Auditcon 2 Series software and then uploaded (transferred) to the lock via a Smart Key.
    • Access Control Models 52 & T52 have a unique userselected 6-digit combination. Models 252 and 552 have an 8-digit combination which includes a 2-digit user ID and a 6-digit user-selected PIN.
    • Audit Trail (252/552) The user’s ID is recorded every time a function is performed on the lock, deterring internal theft by providing absolute reliability
    • Touch Key Number Pad Perform all functions and programming of the lock from the keypad.
    • Wrong Try Lock-out Five consecutive wrong combination entries triggers a three minute penalty lockout.
    • Economical Retrofit Simple and affordable retrofitting made possible by a standard footprint lock case.
    • Time Delay (T52/252/552) Optionally programmed 1-99 minute time delay deters potential intruders not willing to risk the wait.
    • Time Delay Display (T52/252/552) An optionally purchased LCD Unit prominently displays the time, informing the user when access will be granted.
    • Dual Mode Optionally programmed mode that provides absolute accountability by requiring the entry of two separate user combinations when opening the lock.
    • Silent Duress Alarm Connection (252/552) Safely lets employees comply with intruder’s demands while alerting authorities
    • Time Saving Operation Mechanical combination locks can take as much as 40 seconds or longer to open. Auditcon 2 Series locks can be opened in just a few seconds by an authorized user.
    • Choice of Bolt Designs The “slide bolt” automatically locks when the safe handle is closed. The standard “dead bolt” functions like a traditional combination dial lock.
    • Installation & Service Installation and service have been simplified with the introduction of a new field-replaceable cable with Picoflex connector. Our Auditcon Parts Program will help you identify and order only the parts you need.
    • Customer Service The Kaba Mas technical support staff is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to answer any technical questions you may have
    • Education We take pride in providing regular training classes for our customers.

    Applications Businesses that require multiple employee access, have several locations, absentee ownership or high employee turn-over, are ideal for Auditcon locks. Auditcon can secure safes, containers, vaults and restricted areas for:

    • Restaurants
    • Ticket box offices
    • Convenience stores
    • Grocery stores
    • Department stores
    • Drug stores
    •  Jewelry stores
    •  Banks & credit unions
    • Hospitals
    •  Police stations
    • Data processing centers
    •  Casinos


    Model Options for Kaba Mas Electronic Locks 
    Keypad Housing Styles Round/Vertical
    Bolt Styles Dead Bolt or Slide Bolt
    Users 99 Users
    Combination Length 8-digit
    Power Source Self-Powered
    Battery Assist Required
    Manager/Master Control Yes (Master)
    Supervisor/Subordinate Mode Yes
    Single/Dual Custody Access Yes
    Wrong Try Lockout Yes
    Time Delay / Open Window 1-99 min delay

    1-20 min opening
    Time Delay Override Yes
    Time Delay Display Optional
    Time and Date Yes
    Timed Lockout Yes (1-255 hrs)
    Time Windows Yes
    Time Window Lockout Yes
    Uploadable Programming Yes
    Downloadable Audit Trail 400 audits

    About Socal Safe / Bridgeman Security Equipment

    Protecting the Priceless Since 1915

    For over 100 years Socal Safe / Bridgeman Security Equipment has set the standard for strength, quality and customer care in the security industry. Our longevity is testimony to our commitment to protect your assets, your customers, and your loved ones for all of your security needs.

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    We offer nationwide sales and service and provide total security solutions for businesses in every industry, every day. Let us be your loss prevention and security partner.


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    Bridgeman Security Equipment is a nationwide leader in manufacturing, distributing, and sourcing of the finest security equipment since 1972. Thousands of companies in Financial Industries, including Credit Unions and Commercial Banks, as well as  Retail, Hospitality, and Restaurants have counted on Bridgeman for the highest quality security products and services.

    Security Products

    Bridgeman Security Equipment is a nationwide leader in manufacturing, distribution, and sourcing of the finest security equipment since 1972.



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    467 reviews
    Terrific Iron

    Light weight, great heat and steam and I won't have to worry about a leaky iron in the months ahead.

    Max 2

    Love being able to make 2 things at once, cuts Time in half. This is my second one and I have nothing bad to say about either of them well worth the price.

    Reliable 5000CD Dental Lab Steam Cleaner review

    We are familiar with this steamer. We are on our third one in 6 years. I would appreciate a more comprehensive maintenance guidelines to ensure that we are preserving the longevity and performance of this streamer.

    Absolutely stunning prints

    Read all of this before passing judgement:

    I have spent just about every day on the customer service website trying to get my printer working like it should.

    Out of the box, fantastic prints. It is accurate to .07mm x, y, AND z, and the tolerances are .13mm for most types of filament with print-in-prints and .19mm for sticky filament like PETG. I have been testing and testing this printer with every filament I have and have loved it... when it works.

    I have had an issue with the latest firmware that causes my screen to lag, and almost every time I alter a print, the screen goes dark, the extruders freeze where they’re at, they burn the plastic... I am forced to abandon the print and restart the printer and start over.

    Printing without a raft is a challenge with Flashprint. It’s not the best software, especially when you’re used to Cura or S3D. Simplify 3D hasn’t had much movement in over a year, so I’m worried that platform has been abandoned and the Creator 3 profile won’t work with mirror or duplicate prints. Flashprint DOES do a great job, period. It’s just not much fun figuring out the settings. Once you do, great. But be prepared to use quite a bit of the supplies PLA for getting the z dialed in without a raft. It takes a LOT of time.

    The webcam can be configured with JavaScript to a website, so routing the video feed there instead of logging into the dreadfully slow cloud is a great option to watch prints remotely. Doing it is a painful process, but I got it going in a day.

    I replaced the supplied Bowden tube with Capricorn because the 3mm ID tubing will scratch the top lid. The Capricorn cut to the right size is perfect and won’t scratch the top lid.

    Lastly, my y-axis stepper makes hissing noises while printing. It is defective. I have been trying to get a new one sent to me. At this point I’m thinking they may just need to send me a new printer so they can fiddle with this one and get it going but we shall see.

    All in all, my PETG prints are gorgeous. No stringing, no problems. Printing with ABS is a dream. No warping, and stunning finishes.

    Stringing is a thing of the past. I retract 4mm at 50mm/s and I have not a blemish to speak of.

    Printing in mirror or dual mode is great. I would recommend this printer, but plan to be frustrated for a while until the satisfying sound of peeling plastic from the buildtak happens. Then all the frustration is worth it.